The Skallywag Tactical Duclaw

This blade is totally cool, certainly a bit different then the typical folders or fixed blades I own. Off the bat its a little heavier coming in at 0.65lbs, doesnt come with a razor sharp edge but after a few moments on the bench you can fix that. I messaged Skallywag about the edge and they commented its a ‘working edge’.

Actually the edge that is put on it is by design.. its a micro serration done on a hard wheel not a belt that will cut very deeply through flesh if your looking for a paper cutting type sharpness just work it on a stone for a few licks and it will polish right up and you can have a shaving edge.

Works great and I will let it be till it needs to be freshened up again.

Skallywag also said they have a molle attachment for packs or chest rigs.

I haven’t put the knife through the paces but I did open 30 or so boxes, cut tons of paper, in and out of the kydex holder a million times (okay okay I lied) and still is clicking into place. I will be placing this on my chest rig and on my go pack which follows me everywhere.